Althouse Crest



             The Althouse Family of Eastern Pennsylvania


Other Family Crests

The Vollmer Crest

This VOLLMER crest below was contributed by Klaus Vollmer of Wuppertal, Germany. Klaus is a cousin who has contributed additional information to the Vollmer genealogy, especially the family in Germany.

Vollmer Crest

The Stuebing Crest

This STUEBING crest has been copied from a copy of a Stuebing genealogy that I obtained from a member of my wife's family.

Stuebing Crest

Additional Althouse Crest

This is an additional Althouse crest that has been contributed by Stephen Althouse. He also contributed this description:

ALTHOUSE Coat of Arms (Germany) from the Reitstap Amorial General Arms (shield):

“De gu. au lion d’arg., cour. d’or, tenant entre ses pattes une église d’arg.,le clocher a dextre.”

Red, a silver lion, crowned gold, holding between the paws a silver church, the steeple towards the right (left, when viewed from the front of the shield).

Crest (above helmet):

“Une étoile (8) d’arg., entre un vol coupe d’arg. sur gu.”

A silver star of 8 points between two wings divided silver over red.

[The Althouse name at the bottom has been added by Stephen Althouse.]

Additional Althouse Crest